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What Will The Future Church Look Like?

The Church of Jesus has gone through many upheavals and changes through the years. And what the Church looks like now is somewhat different in many ways to what it looked like in the past.

Most of the changes are more in the way of cultural patterns and practices linked to the archetypes of different nations. But at its core, the Church looks very similar in many ways, no matter where you are in the world.

What we call the Status Quo church has not changed much in our lifetime, except for some new moves by God to bring change and move the Body of Christ to a new experience in Him.

Resistance To Change

Somehow the changes in the Church, however, have always been met with opposition at first. And Church history shows that at times, the established system has so opposed any new changes, that even people’s lives were not considered sacred in the attempt to maintain the status quo.

Early reformers were branded as heretics and even burnt at the stake because they dared to challenge the existing system. And though things are not quite as bad these days, there is still a tendency to ‘publicly crucify’ anyone who dares to challenge the System.

Church Ages or Stages

In this course you will learn that there are three main Church ages or stages indicated both in Scripture and in experience. And much of the conflict that still exists in the Body of Christ is there because some believers have refused to move with God into the next phase that He has brought.

You will learn more about these stages in the course Mystery of the End Times Church. This is a follow up to this course on the pattern for the future church, and is highly recommended as a follow up course.

In this course, however, you will learn the principles and patterns that will exist in the third church stage or what we like to call The Future Church.